SA Home Care cares for patients belonging to medical schemes and private patients.

We reduce cost of care (compared to hospital care) by 35% to 50%

If you belong to a medical aid...

SA Home Care is contracted to most major medical administrators

Patients who belong to medical schemes managed by these administrators will require pre-authorisation by the medical administrators and therefore these patients will NOT be required to pay any fees guaranteed by the pre-authorisations. As when being admitted to a private hospital, patients will none-the-less be required to sign a letter of guarantee to cover any shortfall that may arise.

If you are a private patient...

SA Home Care will charge you medical scheme rates and not higher private rates

Patients who are private or where their medical schemes are contracted to SA Home Care but where pre-authorisation is not timeously received will be required to pay:

  • The Initial Assessment fee prior to the Initial Assessment
  • The fee for care, as per agreed upon Care Plan, weekly in advance of care

These payments may be made via credit card or EFT.

Fees for Consulting Services

Fees for Consulting Services rendered to Medical Administrators, Medical Schemes and to Patient Advocates depend on the nature and extent of the consulting activities, and are agreed upon prior to the onset of the consulting process.

Payment may involve one of three mechanisms:

  • Monthly retainer – for Case Manager Formal Training and Discussion Groups
  • Fee for service – for Case Management Advice on complex patients
  • Capitation fee – for Disease Management